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Such a special piece of artwork that can make any room pop. The Family Tree came to life during covid, when we were unable to travel to see family overseas and have visitors in home, it was hard to encourage little ones to keep in touch with family. The idea we had was to add the family members with photos and names to a tree. Simple really but we did not think how beautiful and special this gift would really be.

She says “goodnight” to nana, uncle Brian and cousin Sadhbh every night.
It’s been great for her to get to know our family when we can’t travel to see them in person

Family Tree Delight wall decal in kids nursery room

The wall decal is so easy to apply, it is removable and keeps it stickiness if you want to move it to a new wall or new home. The glue doesn’t remain on the wall so no residue is left behind. The heart shapes that have the family members can be placed anywhere on the tree and are easy to move around. With a range of size options for trees and hearts, we can make the tree suitable for many wall spaces.

The personalisation option is totally up to you, does your little one say nana, nanny, granny or something totally unique, we customise each family member to have whatever relationship that you would like.

Photos are optional and a few blanks are also included for any new family members that might come along.

The real beauty of the family tree is that anyone you want to include can be included, families range in sizes and the family trees we create can fit a multiple amount of members.

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