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As we watch the world get smaller and smaller with emerging technologies and convenient apps that can streamline wedding planning as well as make communication with your guests nearly instantaneously, it leaves something to be desired for those of us who still get excited when a beautiful envelope arrives in the box via snail mail. There is just something captivating about an actual piece of mail- an cotton envelope addressed to its guests in luxurious calligraphy- that makes it feel like you are there, personally inviting them to this once-in-a-lifetime event celebrating your marriage. In a world where convenience is king and process optimization is just as much a part of managing your home life as it is at the office, a beautiful piece of wedding stationery can literally make your guests drop whatever task they were about to do after grabbing the mail, and indulge in immersing themselves into the moment as they carefully examine and open the special piece of mail they have just received from you.

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Finish off your wedding stationery suite in the age-old tradition of wax seals. Let your guests open their important mail by breaking through a beautiful wax seal, the kind originally used to seal important or secret letters back in olden times. Today, the tradition lives on with uses far beyond their original purpose. You’ll be embellishing wedding and event invitations, certificates, personal correspondence and packaging before you know it! The creative possibilities are endless – personalised gifts, gift wrapping, cards, crafts, and packaging.

Bright delights are looking forward to offering this product for your wedding stationery suites.